Lunch Menu

Food and Nutrition

At Butterfly Blue we take great care to provide our children with nutritious and wholesome food which is all prepared by our fully qualified nursery cook (Sue).
We plan our menu’s to include fresh and varied options that are tailored to each age group and cater for all individual dietary needs.
Please find our latest nursery menu’s linked below. We rotate our menu’s on a weekly basis…

Menu 1 summer
Menu 2 summer
Menu 3 summer
Menu 4 summer



Meal time in the baby room is a perfect bonding opportunity for the baby and the practitioner. We always ensure that consistency and portion size are perfect for your baby. Babies are weaned on an individual basis and the process is tailored to accommodate; routines at home; parent’s wishes and to meet national guidelines provided by health visitors and other NHS professionals.
“When weaning we begin with baby rice, mild root vegetables and other various healthy products. We are blending, mashing and chopping babies food to various consistencies up until they are ready to feed for themselves.”



2-5 years

As the children progress through the nursery we see meal times as an important opportunity for children to learn about taking turns, responsibility, table etiquette and social interaction.
At Butterfly Blue as we progress to the Butterfly Room we encourage children to try to find their place at the dinner table with their personalised place matts and to learn how to clean the table by scraping their plates and bowels into the buckets provided, giving a sense of identity and responsibility ready for when they start primary school.